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Friday, March 25, 2011

A dirty word that starts with 'C'

Know any dirty words that start with the letter C? No? Well let me spell it out to you...CANCER!!!
In December of 2008 we found out that our daughter Sarah had a mass in her leg...and in 2009 she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, its a bone cancer found in kids..it was terrible news to be heard. Nobody wants to hear that their baby has cancer!!! 
We, I say we, because even though she was the one taking treatments it was hard on everybody, our son, our marriage, but we made it through all of that. Sarah got well, and for a whole year it was great! No hospital, no chemo, no low blood counts, so, for a whole year it was wonderful! Everybody was happy and healthy!! For a year when chemo was over and all was well, we still had our routine checkups, first it was every 3 months then the doctors felt safe enough that we could start having test every 4 months.
In March of 2011 on routine checkup, there was something spotted on an xray, more test were then given. So now on 25th of March, 3 days after Sarah's lung surgery, we are back here in the hospital ...waiting for a bone scan and chemo starts in 2weeks!  With Ewings, there's was always a 20% chance it could come back, and it reeks!! My baby was in that 20%! That's why CANCER is a dirty word!! Sarah is a fighter and we will fight it again! God is still in control and his grace and mercy will help us though! Remember us when you pray...

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  1. We are praying desperately always for Sarah and your whole family that Gods' will be done in this horrible situation. But always remember that its always in those horrible, hopless situations where Gods love and grace shines through and that why we can have hope. We love you guys!