hello...welcome to my blog...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I just woke up...and decided to blog...

I  had been reading other blogs..is that even what you call it? Reading other blogs? Anyway, my first thought was why should i blog? Really? will anybody want to know what i have to say? Lil'O Me..from Georgia...what could i possibly say that would interest you?
Then i decided to just give it a whirl, besides if nothing else i could just vent! it would be like someone was actually listening besides my friends and family, yes, i could vent to the world!!
Little did i know that i would spend 3hours, yes i said 3hours, creating my page. still i wonder..did i do it right? does it look ok? did i miss something?..after all that i decided it was enough for now...
so now i can start blogging...humm...now what do i do? do they make a book...how to blog for dummies?!...lol
my luck is ...yes they probably do...then i would have to read it and i would fall asleep on the first page...this comes from somebody who loves to read..just nothing good for me...i just read for fun...


  1. Hi, Missie!
    Welcome to blogland! Now I have one request. Can you make the blue behind the words a little lighter to make it easier to read? ; )

    I know you are excited and will enjoy it. Let me know if you have any questions. You know my email, girl.

  2. P. S.--I'm your first follower!!! I haven't done that before. ; )

  3. Be gentle with yourself, and patient! Blogs are a work in progress. You've done the hard part so pat yourself on the back, and think what you might write for your second post!