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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pity Party Anyone?!

I'm just going to get straight to the point tonight and ask, how many pity parties does one have to have in a day to feel normal?! Or as close to normal as one gets. Is anybody ever really normal? What is normal exactly?? I'm also sure that facebook-ers get tired of hearing how (I) feel!! Sometimes it feels the only way to get my frustration out is to vent it! Our (our in general) husbands prolly wonder why in the world must we cry over....well that's just it...i dont know why i gotta cry so much today!! Maybe its just backed up!! You know like no tears in a while! Either way I feel like im looking for a fight- if thats what you call it- ive just got to bite someones head off to feel better! i guess thats the way of women, and most of all i hate feeling this way. i dont think anybody wakes up and saids, hummm...i think i will be a grouch today. Nope, I'm mostly a cheery person. I seriously hope i wake up tomorrow in my (normal) cheery mood! I know my husband and kids would be happy if i did!!! Goodnight all, and sweet dreams, and hopefully i wake up to (normal) tomorrow!!
Ps...Happy Independence Day!!!

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