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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online Dating?

Online Dating? What is online dating? and what is its purpose? A few good men? Not here, and if there are a few none of them are free...in other words all the good ones around here have been snapped up ....we women know a good man when we see one...well ...most of the time.
Some reasons I have found for online dating... number one take it from me, even though you can be happy while getting a divorce, yes I said happy, its still stressful and lonely at certain times, even when your kids are around and a room full of people. Its a different kind of lonely, a different feeling. weather that feel comes from a private smile from the one your with or just the barest touch of the finger while in the kitchen. Or just when someone calls you a pet name. Divorce is hard no matter what. Even if you have good people on your side and people who love you. Online Dating? Sometimes its easy to talk to a stranger. But you should always be careful of online weird people. That's what we tell our kids, right? How many strangers can you talk to in one night? According to a friend of mine, quiet a few. LOL!! I guess by now you are wondering if I am checking out the online dating sites? The answer is yes!! For reasons Ive already mentioned and then some...don't worry we will get there. You wonder if your ideal man is out there looking for his princess. I am looking for my prince...and I know again that God has my back and if i haven't found him yet its a good chance he's not ready for me yet! That being said, we humans want to help God and hurry. I personally am wondering why I'm in a hurry to be happy!!! Really I'm already happy I just want to be able to share that happiness with another person, besides we all want to be loved!!! Thats what I want to be loved by a man...does he have to be a prince? Not really, but he just needs prince like ways..a gentleman, a hero. In my eyes...I want love. The kind you hear about in a romance novel, or see on TV. personally I don't think that's to far fetched, besides the creators have to have something to base their ideas on... more about online dating...tomorrow...         PS...for those of you who know me or have read my blog before you should know I always write from my heart, if you cry or smile when you read any of my words, please know I did the same while writing them...until tomorrow...

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