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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Late night thoughts...

As I sit here with my furry friend that follows my every step... I'm sure she's wondering why I haven't gone back to bed yet, the truth is I can't sleep... So I think about life instead... You ever just have random thoughts, that appear to go somewhere after all?... First I was thinking.... Kids- do they ever really grasp how much I love them? I mean I have great parents and of course I know they love me, I want be forgetting anytime soon either since I'm sick and they are doing everything for my kids right now-- I depend on them-- just like mine depend on me to do what I do for them.
 You know it's strange sometimes to think about time and how it disappears from one day into the next. Before u know it u are celebrating your daughters 14th birthday... And your son  Is already 15! Wow!... It's no longer barbies and hot wheels... It's shopping and drivers licence... They grow up so fast... Sometimes you wish u could just slow it down... Travel in slow motion... I'm unsure if I like these late night pondering sessions but what else is there ? when u watched all the tv u can stand, read played games oh and watched a movie....sweet dreams to all

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