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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...ambulance ride anyone??

Our first ambulance ride..(well that we remember). We (Sarah and I) are having a vacation, thats what I'm  telling myself this week. LOL! Besides all I have to do is close my eyes and picture myself on the beach... so we are at scottish rite, our home away from home, and we need to get to Egleston for radiation treatment. To do that,  they transport you aka ambulance ride.
We climb in the back, I climb Sarah is on the stretcher, no walking or climbing required! You know me, well some of you do, and I am not letting my child ride in the back by herself with a stranger! Just because he is wearing a uniform with his name on it! ...Or so i thought! About half way to the other hospital, I said, "Sarah how are you making it?" "I'm fine mama." I'm thinking of course you are, you can see out the window...and I'm thinking oh my gosh could we please hurry and get there I think I'm gonna be sick! I never did throw up...and I'm so glad, that would have been embarrassing!! Needless to say I was so glad when i could put my feet on the ground! And as it turns out I did let Sarah ride in the back by herself with just the man in uniform with his name on it. Besides I had nothing to worry about, because by the time we got back Sarah had a new buddy and he knew all about our family!! Sarah told him, "I love to talk." I said, " her mom does too," I'm just glad when I rode shotgun I didn't turn into a backseat driver...LOL!

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  1. I enjoyed this story. Amazing how you make a not-so-good situation into something light-hearted.