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Friday, April 29, 2011

why losing weight is so hard...

#1 Nothing in life is never easy. If it was easy to lose weight nobody would be fluffy we would all be skinny and be supermodels. After all its not like we want to be fluffy...well I don't know a little fluff is good. Anyway...
#2 You have to be in the right frame of mind. It's hard to get there sometimes because its not as if you are really going to lose enough weight (and not gain it back) in two weeks with some wonderful pill or a drink. Not me anyway. No for me its a life changing experience. Why should we have to change our life? All for losing weight!
#3 When you are in a situation that's not remotely close to normal, like say you have one child at home and the other one has a home away from home (at CHOA) you cant be in two places at once. I'm not a cartoon and cant split myself down the middle. But if i were...no that's another story for another time.
# 4 Being a comfort eater is never good...if I'm stressed I'm eating, if I'm tired and want to go to bed and can't I eat instead. Food is wonderful. If its used the right way, Eat to Live not Live to Eat! A wise person once told me that. When I use food for comfort it only last a short time, that's why it's time to change my way of thinking.
# 5 Speaking of unusual circumstances the people at CHOA are so wonderful and the volunteers are also wonderful, they really think of the families here. Bringing breakfast some days or donuts or lunch or supper. It's really hard to turn away and just say no!  And our wonderful family and our preacher that said I'm coming to see you guys can I bring you something to eat? Today It's Zaxbys. Yes I'm eating. Its not chicken its cheddar bites, just not mine and Sarah's, I'm eating only mine. And lots of water. Thats a start right?!  I can do it!! Always remembering that its not easy its something you have to work at and the reward will be great!  Tune in next time for the positive side of losing weight!!

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