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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 3 of chemo..

 Both mom and myself over slept this morning. Traffic was bad and we were 15 minutes late today, making me wonder am I going to be 15 minutes late all day?! in spite of all that, we still managed to get Rich to school on time today. I am happy to say Sarah is still doing well..and yes I'm still afraid to say, "no she is not sick." because I'm afraid then she will be. However i think she is doing well, she came in this morning after being accessed and said, "can i go back to my game now?" So she pulls her pole behind her, the only time she looks like she don't feel good is when you say, " Sarah we really need to start on your homework." Thats when she grumbles and immediately goes down hill. LOL!! But lets face it...homework is like housework nobody wants to do it!!  Now she is eating extreme sour strips while i myself is eating way more calories than i could possibly need!! What is it about hospitals that make you want to eat anyway??  The hospital itself has an exercise room, but its so hard to chose to workout when eating a chocolate chip cookie (which is bad for your hips) seems so much more fun. and chocolate is every girls friend to a bad day, not that I'm having a bad day because I'm not. Ever heard the term if mama aint happy nobody's happy. i think same goes for your kids, i mean how could any parent be happy if their kids are not?

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