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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What is a Friend? What makes a Friend a Friend? Are you a Friend? I want to tell you what i think a Friend is....Friends are Fabulous and are always around when you need them, and sometimes when you think you don't.  Friends are Reasonable when maybe you cant find any reason...to believe...Friends are Important and are always there in times of trouble. Friends are never Envious of you, especially when times are troublesome, because most have troubles of their own. Friends are always Nice and bring sunshine on a cloudy day, even if its just with a phone call, because your never to far away. Friends sometimes bring Drama to an ordinary day...and sometimes you have So many wonderful Friends you might wonder how you got so lucky!! Don't forget that Friends come in many forms...a sister, a mother, a pet, a father, a brother, grandparents, husband or wife, and certainly not last... God. He is always there even when we may not see, he is in the air we breathe, with his arms wrapped around you and me. He is there to dry our tears and rid us of our fears, and he loves us unconditionally. Even when there are times we don't deserve his love and understanding... as you may have already figured out by now i am truly blessed with awesome Friends in my life.

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  1. Great blog, Missie! I have many wonderful friends. Life without them would be very bland and lonely.