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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 2 of chemo..

At 15 til 7 i drag myself out of bed, and trust me when i say it was hard because i wanted to sleep til lunch or at least close to it. Took Rich to school, came home got ready for 2nd day in Atl. (this week anyway).  I could almost say Sarah was bright eyed and bushy tail, you have heard that before right? Anyway i fixed her some breakfast and she ate it..kinda surprised me, and when somebody said is she sick, i want to say no- but im afraid because what if i say no shes not sick then she gets sick..anyway she is now hooked up to the iv poll and pushing it around while she plays games, so trust me when i say the chemo as of now is not slowing her down none. which is great because she's got it in her mind she's going to dance class tonight when she gets home..and im thinking whew..when can i get a nap in?! LOL!

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